There are alternatives to toxic permanent hair color that are slowly starting to be developed.

As it is right now, I only know of 1 truly non-toxic color product.

It is developed by a hairdresser, and I have it here at HAIRSHAPE.

And I also have the developer of the product as well.

Meaning you can have he or myself do your hair!!

Non-Toxic Colour

Did you know that all permanent hair colour is toxic? It causes damage to the hair not to mention that it also causes hair loss. And the chemicals build up in your system and adversely affect your liver, Most people are not away. The FDA has made exemptions for these chemicals due to the lobbyist. There has been testing on hair colour, but not on Hairdressers who are the most exposed. The chemicals are released when the colour is mixed prior to application. We breathe in the fumes. We touch the dye thru our hands. The clients get exposed monthly maybe. We get exposed daily. And it builds up cumulatively.